Friday, 18 May 2012



This is an Amazing book that I have personally read three time. This book is not for the faith heated. Don't say I didn't warn you. The book is based on a young 15 year old being obsessed with death and murder. His mothers jobs doesn't really help the problem because she and him both work as morticians which means the cut up bodies and prepare them for funerals. John Cleaver develops a creepy obsession with murder and is forced to go to counselling.

However, later that year mysterious death pop up around the town. Johns passion and knowledge on death lead him to the fact that this was a not any ordinary death. Though out the book I found it hard to stop reading, so I defiantly recommend this book.

IF they did this FANTASTIC book into a movie I would think that Jamie bell would make a perfect John. His acting skill are sublime and I think he could portray this young boy quiet well. This creepy book would be a legendary film.

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